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Home teaching fine motor activity- happy hooligans, pringles can

fine motor activity- happy hooligans, pringles can

Turn a Pringles can and some paint swatches into a fun fine-motor drop activity for babies and toddlers!

I have a hard time parting with my recyclables.  Before I toss anything in the recycle bin, I think about the potential to upcycle it into a craft or an activity for my home daycare kids.

Yesterday, I decided to put a Pringles can and a handful of paint swatches to use, and I turned them into a fine motor activity for my toddlers. (I’ll share more ways to re-use Pringles cans at the bottom of this post.)

It was really easy to make. Let me show you how.

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  • A Pringles or other brand potato chip can
  • Decorative Duct Tape (or scrap-book paper, wallpaper samples, contact paper etc.)
  • craft knife
  • cutting mat (optional)
  • paint chip samples

A note about our duct tape: If you’re using a different brand’s Potato chip can and the shape is awkward, (see photo below), you don’t have to cover it. Pringles cans are easy to cover though, so I used one of my new favourite finds: decorative duct tape.  I love this tape! We’ve used it recently to make these bracelets and these bookmarks, and I made this Cardboard “Drop Zone” drop zone activity for the preschoolers. Amazon carries a wide variety of colours and patterns,

pringles can, duct tape, paint swatches, exact knife

How to Make it:

  1. I decorated the can by cutting long lengths of my tape, and running the strips top to bottom on the can.
  2. With a craft knife, I cut a slit in the lid, making it slightly wider than my widest paint swatch. If you don’t have a cutting mat similar to the one pictured above, make sure to protect the surface you’re working on with a cutting board or a thick layer of newspaper etc. .
  3. Snap the lid on the can, and Voila!  How easy was that?
    decorated pringles can and craft knife

Now you just need some paint chip samples.  You’re probably familiar with these right?  You can find them in any Paint and Wallpaper shop and in the paint section of most hardware stores.

Paint swatch samples

I used to just sneak a few into my pocket every time I was at the paint store, but recently I asked if I could take some for my daycare, and the manager generously gave me about 20 unopened packages of their least favourite colours. SCORE! Never hurts to ask!

toddler dropping paint swatches through slit in pringles can lid

Okay!  Once you have your swatches gathered up, hand the whole activity over to your toddler, and let them do their thing!

The hooligans LOVED this activity!

preschoolers dropping paint swatches into pringles can

The preschoolers even got into the action, working together to fill the can and then dumping the paint chips out, and starting all over again.

The baby had a trouble getting the paint samples through the thin opening in the lid, so I removed the lid and she had a great time dropping the paint chips through the larger opening.

Skill Development

This was still a great fine motor exercise for her. Those little paint chips are tricky to separate from each other and challenging for little fingers to pick up off the floor.

Her hand-eye co-ordination was challenged as well, lining the paint sample up with the opening of the can.

pringles can lid off for baby fine motor activity

Don’t you love it when learning comes from the simplest of activities?

Fun was had by all!  And when you’re finished, store the paint chips in the can for future use!

So tell me, how have YOU re-used a Pringles for a craft or activity?

More Ways to Use Pringles Cans for Crafts and Activities:

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activities & recipes!


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