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Home teaching Preschool Thanksgiving Circle Time Activity {Free Printables}

Preschool Thanksgiving Circle Time Activity {Free Printables}

Inside: Download these free turkey printables for a fun preschool Thanksgiving circle time activity!

We love adding turkey activities to our Thanksgiving theme.

We’ve worked on color recognition with our turkey feathers printable, talked about thankfulness while creating colorful turkeys, and worked on letter recognition with our turkey alphabet cards.

This year I created a couple of turkey printables that can be added to circle time and adapted as a table activity for centers time.

These printables can be used with a variety of songs and stories that are used during the November theme.

Preschool Thanksgiving Circle Time Activity

Preschool Thanksgiving Circle Time Activity

If you’ve been Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds for awhile, you know how much I love to use props during circle time.

When I was a new teacher, I quickly realized how hard circle time could be.

I would start reading a book and lose their attention within seconds.

It took me a few years (and many frustrating circle time sessions) before I realized that props made such a difference.

I talk about it in this video, in fact.

Props pull the children in, keeping them more engaged than if you were simply reading a story or reciting a finger play.

I even use them while reading books!

What You Will Need

For each of these activities, you will need parts of the turkey printable.

Scroll down towards the bottom of this page to find the link to the free download.

Preschool Thanksgiving Circle Time Activity

Turkey Puppet Sticks

What you will need:

Make enough copies of page 2 for each child (and teacher).

I suggest copying them onto card stock (heavy paper) so they are a bit sturdier.

You can also laminate them.

Then tape them to the tops of the craft sticks.

While reading turkey books, reciting turkey finger plays, and singing turkey songs, hand a turkey stick to each child to hold.

Using these Turkey Props During Virtual Teaching

preschool virtual teaching resources

Make enough turkey sticks so that each child gets one. Place them in take home packets and invite your children to hold them during your turkey books, songs and finger plays online.

Preschool Thanksgiving Circle Time Activity

Turkeys 1-5

Also in this printable packet is a larger set of turkeys that are numbered 1-5.

During circle time, invite the children to help you count each turkey as you place it on a flannel board.

You can refer to these turkeys while reading, singing, and reciting anything involving turkeys 1-5.

Using Numbered Turkeys on a Flannel Board

Preschool Thanksgiving Circle Time Activity

I love using printables on the flannel board.

(Note: I love our new flannel board! As of this writing, it’s no longer available, but they do have other colors, such as green and blue.)

You might recall our leaf printable that I used on our flannel board a couple of weeks ago.

To do so, make sure they are copied on to heavy paper and/or laminated.

Then, place velcro tabs on the back so that the printables will stick to the flannel surface.

Using the numbered turkeys for virtual teaching:

During our online meeting I first invited the children to help me count the turkeys.

Preschool Thanksgiving Circle Time Activity

I then read Five Silly Turkeys by Salina Yoon.

Preschool Thanksgiving Circle Time Activity

Turkey Table Activity

Add some simple counting to your table activities during centers time!

What you will need:

  • Numbered turkeys printable (scroll down for free printable)
  • Pom poms or other small pieces to use as markers

Setting up this activity:

Cut the numbered turkeys and place them on a tray with the pom poms or other small pieces.

Preschool Thanksgiving Circle Time Activity

The counting activity:

Place the turkeys on a tray along with the pom poms (or other small pieces).

Your children will recognize the number on each turkey and place that many pom poms on top.

This is a fun way to work on simple counting during your Thanksgiving theme!

Preschool Thanksgiving Circle Time Activity


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Preschool Thanksgiving Circle Time Activity

FREE Turkey Printables

Click below for the pdf download:

preschool printable

More Circle Time Props!

Keep your toddlers and preschoolers engaged during circle time with props to favorite songs and rhymes!

pumpkin printable pack
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