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Tissue Paper and Contact Paper WIndow

This is a Valentines activity that toddlers and preschoolers will love. Using tissue paper and contact paper, kids can transform a window into a colourful piece of Valentines art for the sun to shine through. 

If you’ve been following along with us for a while now, you know I love crafting with tissue paper.

One creative activity I’ve always admired but never tried is using tissue paper and contact paper to decorate a window.

Today, as one of our Valentine’s activities, we gave the process a try. The toddlers covered our living room window with tissue paper hearts!  They had so much fun pressing the colourful hearts to the sticky paper, and we were all delighted with the beautiful results. delicate hearts to the he process was so much fun for the toddler, and the results were beautiful!

No Mess!

There are actually several different ways to decorate a window with tissue paper. You can glue your tissue paper to the glass like Dilly Dali Art, and you can apply the tissue paper with water for a temporary decoration like Life with Moore Babies did. We chose the contact paper method that I’m showing you today because it’s the least messy way to do it, and we just happened to have a roll of contact paper in the craft room.

No contact paper? See our alternative here.

Don’t you love the way our tissue paper hearts look with the light shining through? 

tissue paper stained glass window

For this Valentines Window Decorating Activity, you’ll need:

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Decorating your window:

Using a stencil or a cookie cutter, trace hearts onto your tissue paper. I piled up several sheets of tissue paper, and cut through them all at the same time, so it wasn’t long at all before I had dozens of colourful hearts.

I placed these hearts in a basket beside the window so the toddlers would have easy access to them for the project.

colourful tissue paper hearts for tissue paper stained glass window

Next, I taped a large square of contact paper to the window with the sticky side facing us. This is easier than I thought it would be.

The contact paper naturally clings to the window, so you can position it and let go of it, and it will stay put while you set about taping it in place.

toddler sticking tissue hearts on contact paper window

Now for the fun part!

Cover the contact paper with your tissue hearts.  This is such a fun activity for young children.

Great for developing fine motor skills!

Picking up the delicate tissue paper and placing it on the contact paper helps develop fine motor skills, but sticking the tissue paper to the contact paper is easy enough for toddlers to do without assistance.

sticking tissue paper hearts to contact paper on a window

When all of our tissue hearts had been stuck to the window, we stepped back to admire our work.

Doesn’t it look gorgeous with the light shining through.

child admires her tissue paper, stained glass window

Happy Valentines Day, kids!

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