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Rainbow Spin Art Painting Activity – Toddler Approved

Need a colorful rainbow activity to try? You will love rainbow spin art painting!

Did you know you can make amazing art using a salad spinner? In my Ultimate Salad Spinner Art Guide I share all my best tips and materials you need for spin art.

How do you teach a rainbow to preschoolers?

Art activities are my favorite way to teach the rainbow to preschoolers. You can explore colors with kids and help them learn about color mixing and rainbow colors! Singing songs about rainbows and colors are fun too!

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salad spin artsalad spin art

How do you make rainbow spin art?

In order to try spin art, you need to gather up a few materials.

For this rainbow spin art activity we used:

  • salad spinner
  • red, blue, and yellow Colorations washable tempera paint
  • white cardstock
  • scissors
colorful circles of paper covered in paintcolorful circles of paper covered in paint

Instructions for rainbow spin art:

1) Put a small piece of paper flat in the salad spinner. ** We use cardstock cut outs and/or coffee filters depending on the day. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I alway keep a stash of coffee filters around for crafting. They are great for spin art and sun catcher crafts, etc! .

2) Squirt or drop some watered down washable paint onto the paper that is in the salad spinner. ** We like to use liquid water colors when we have some, because they are super easy to squirt. But these Washable Tempera Colorations bottles are nice and liquidy too.

kid squeezing blue paint into the salad spinnerkid squeezing blue paint into the salad spinner

3) Close the lid and SPIN!

girl pushing down on the salad spinnergirl pushing down on the salad spinner

4) Add in more color if needed and spin again! Once you’re done, lay the paper out to dry and REPEAT with a new paper.

Have you tried rainbow spin art painting??

What’s your favorite thing to do with your creations!! These ones we’re making are going to get turned into a colorful rainbow banner for St. Patrick’s Day.

No Time for Flashcards shares another way to paint a rainbow- with a comb!

Do you have any other favorite rainbow painting activities? We’ve love to hear about them!

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